Inmarsat's SwiftBroadband Safety Satellite Network Upgrade Available By 2016
Inmarsat logo
In an interview with Flightit.net, Mary McMillan, Inmarsat's Vice President, Aviation Safety and Operational Services talks about the company's various satellite safety and aircraft tracking...
Aireon ALERT Service To Query Last Known Position Of Aircraft In Distress
Aireon Logo
In an interview with Flightit.net, Cyriel Kronenburg, Vice President, Aireon talks about the company's new emergency tracking solution, Aireon Aircraft Locating and Emergency Response Tracking...

Searidge Remote Tower Solution Manages Ground Traffic From Remote, Window-Less Location
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In an interview with Flightit.net, Pat Urbanek, Product Manager, Remote Towers at Searidge Technologies talks about the company's participation in Dubai Airport show 2015 held...
Biometrics To Speed Up Border Clearance Process By 50 Percent
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In an interview with Flightit.net, Elaine Bliss - Senior Vice President, Product Management and Marketing at Crossmatch technologies talks about her company's latest biometric solutions...
InFlight Labs' Smart Transponder Deploys 3-Point Aircraft Tracking System While In Flight
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In an interview with Flightit.net, Joseph Bekanich, a spokesman for InFlight Labs LLC briefs us about the company's recently launched tamper-proof smart avionics product.
Rockwell Collins' ARINC MultiLinkSMflight Solution Manages Diverse Data Feeds Unlike Others
In an interview with Flightit.net, Tim Ryan, director, GLOBALink programs & services management at Rockwell Collins talks about the company's latest global flight tracking solution...
Honeywell's Ovation Select CMS To Maximize In-Flight Comfort, Accommodate Tomorrow's Devices
In an interview with Flightit.net, Bill Rowell, Senior Technical Sales Manager, Ovation Select, for Honeywell Aerospace talks about the Ovation Select CMS -- its design...
iTunes Has Better Security Software Compared With Airport X-Ray Scanners
In an exclusive interview with Flightit.net, Billy Rios, Director of Threat Intelligence at Qualys talks about the "abysmal" state of security quality in airport software...