Biometrics To Speed Up Border Clearance Process By 50 Percent
Source : Internal ~ Dated : Thursday, January 29, 2015 @ 07:28 AM
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Elaine Bliss – Senior Vice President, Marketing and Product Management

Elaine Bliss – Senior Vice President, Marketing and Product Management at Crossmatch

In an interview with Flightit.net, Elaine Bliss - Senior Vice President, Product Management and Marketing at Crossmatch technologies talks about her company's latest biometric solutions including Guardian Module fingerprint scanner and the future with biometrics in border control.


Questions and Answers

Q : Can you give us an overview of your company’s products and a brief background?

Elaine Bliss :

Crossmatch™ is a world leader in biometric identity management solutions. Our technologies and expertise help organizations of all sizes achieve optimum levels of efficiency, expand in new markets and find powerful, innovative ways to protect people, property and profits.  The depth of our biometrics technology portfolio and the breadth of our professional services offerings allow us to develop the best solution for customers in any market — including governments, law enforcement agencies, defense departments, financial institutions and retail organizations, as well as private enterprises of any scale. Customers turn to us for our ability to implement identity management programs that mitigate risk, drive productivity and improve service levels. Our solutions are highly interoperable, allowing integration into a customer’s existing infrastructure.

Q : What are the latest biometric technologies offered by your company?

Elaine Bliss :

Crossmatch offerings include complete biometric identity management solutions incorporating software; a range of fixed, handheld and modular capture devices; and related services addressing multiple biometric and credentialing modalities. Biometric modalities include fingerprint, palm print, iris and facial. Software includes fixed and mobile enrollment applications, biometric middleware, multi-factor authentication solutions, as well as multi-platform Software Development Kits (SDKs).

We have extensive experience in the design, production, implementation and configuration of multimodal biometric solutions. Our consultants are skilled in assessing biometric needs, evaluating best-of-breed biometric capabilities, designing solutions, implementing hardware-software solutions and training system operators. They have led hundreds of implementations, ranging from single-system projects to global deployments spanning multiple locations.

Q : Could you elaborate on your BorderXpress upgrade on the traditional Automated Passport Control (APC) system? Please explain.

Elaine Bliss :

The BorderXpress kiosk from YVR now includes the Guardian Module fingerprint scanner from Crossmatch.  The Guardian Module is a FAP 60 device which means it can capture 4 fingerprints at a time.  Previous versions of the Guardian have been used by DHS’s US VISIT program since 2006, but YVR is the first to use the new design in a self-service kiosk.  This Guardian includes the latest optics technology and it has an enhanced ability to capture both wet and dry fingers.  This upgrade to the BorderXpress kiosk allows foreign nationals from the 38 Visa Waiver countries to use the kiosk instead of just United States and Canadian citizens. 

Q : How quick will be the border clearance process for the travelers? What are the benefits?

Elaine Bliss :

While the actual amount of time will vary depending on external factors, it is estimated that kiosks dramatically reduce overall waiting times at the customs checkpoint by as much as 50%.  Weary travelers will get through the customs process faster which improves the customer experience and provides more time to make connecting flights.  It also has a positive effect on the airport operators as travelers will have more time to shop or eat.  And, most important for security, by improving facilitation of low-risk passengers, custom officials have more time to focus on higher-risk passengers.

Q : How do you see the future with biometrics?

Elaine Bliss :

The United Nations World Tourism Organization recently reported that a record 1.1 billion people traveled internationally in 2014.  By 2030, this number is projected to be more than 1.8 billion.  As international tourism increases, passenger facilitation must be carefully balanced with security threats.  Border patrol agents from all countries have the responsibility to quickly identify low-risk passengers vs. criminals or high-risk passengers.  Biometrics provide a way to identify people and confirm they are who they say they are.  While there are many modalities that can be captured, we believe that the main three will be finger, iris and face. 

Q : What is your current marketing strategy? Who are your primary customers?

Elaine Bliss :

Crossmatch is uniquely positioned in the market with a reputation for providing the highest quality, reliable identity management solutions.  We have a deep understanding of the challenges our customers face and flexibility and subject matter expertise to architect the right solution at the right price to meet their current and future identity management requirements.  

Q : Are you currently pursuing any contracts abroad?

Elaine Bliss :

The identity management challenge is a global one.  It reaches nearly every aspect of our lives, from banking transaction authentication and logical network access, to patient identification and immigration control screening.  Crossmatch is actively involved in the global market and maintains a network of sales offices and manufacturing facilities around the world.

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